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Katuju, Pelopor Rendang Sachet di Sumatera Barat.


PADANG – Setelah tiga tahun melakukan riset, akhirnya pada 2017, Ade Surianto bersama dua rekannya, David Indra Jamber dan Sesa Gusni Saputri memutuskan membuka usaha kuliner Minangkabau, khususnya rendang dengan nama “Katuju”. Salah satu varian rendangnya adalah Rendang Tuna.

“Rendang tuna kami berasal dari Tuna Loin kualitas ekspor,” cerita Ade Surianto.

Meski demikian, harga rendang tuna yang dijualnya bersaing, yaitu hanya Rp280 ribu/kg. Harga yang tentu murah dengan rasa rendang kelas premium. Irisan ikan tuna berpadu dengan rempah yang berkualitas, begitu nikmat terasa.

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Originated from a desire to retain and bring the culinary of Minangkabau to be more global. A group of young Minangnese adults has tried to manifest the idea by establishing Katuju, an agency in the field of creative culinary efforts. Ade Surianto as the founder of Katuju seeks to develop Katuju into a professional business entity beginning in 2014. Various challenges in the world of culinary business have passed. Upon the grace of God Almighty and the incessant struggles. Alhamdulillah, on August 14, 2017, Katuju sheltered with his official CV. Kuliner Makmur Sejahtera based on the decision letter of the Minister of Justice and human rights of the Republic of Indonesia number: AHU-00748. Ah. at 02. Since then KATUJU professionality continues to improve in the field of business typical culinary Minang.

Rendang is one of the delicious Minangkabau cuisines that can be the representative of Indonesia. Katuju would like to develop culinarily of Minangkabau more than just a famous traditional food in Indonesia but also in the global world. Our expectations in the future, Katuju can be a representation of the modern Minangkabau culinary which is can be accepted globally. On that basis, we named spirit to build Katuju into:

Authentic Minangkabau Cuisine, Signature Taste of Indonesia”

 Katuju Logo

Katuju’s word is a minang language. The meaning of “Katuju” is wanted, liked, or loved. Katuju Indonesia’s Logo is representative of five senses in human beings. It involves five senses to value something. It has a strong connection with the taste (Katuju by tasting and sensing), with the sight (Katuju in performance), with the hearing (Katuju from sounding), with the smell (Katuju by flavoring), and with the touch (Katuju by featuring)”. In Minangnese Language, five senses are:

  • Katuju di raso
  • Katuju di danga
  • Katuju di aroma
  • Katuju di pandang
  • Katuju di sintuah

 We Are Katuju Indonesia

We are the Pioneer

We become one of the pioneers of typical West Sumatera culinary management with a business that has systems and industrial scale. Following Katuju’s vision: “Becoming a World-Class Culinary Company”.

The cultural wealth and heritage Recipes Hereditary

For the people of West Sumatera, rendang is the cultural identity not only as traditional cuisine. We process and make rendang using recipes that handed down from generation. So, we can present the quality of authentic and delicious taste.

100% Local Resource

We use 100% local resources. The choice of raw ingredients used from the local market and the labor also comes from the surrounding communities.

Culinary Expert

We love food and knows that it can support us as a culinary producer. We have many experiences working in hotels and restaurants, as well as the scientific background that makes us always put forward the “Best Practice” in doing the efficiency Lost Prevention, Monitoring, & Evaluation.

 Why you have to choose Katuju Indonesia Products

  • Katuju has the authentic flavor, made from quality choice ingredients and formulated with raw ingredients that grow in Minangkabau nature, therefore the authentic of the flavor is still preserved.
  • Katuju has hygienic, innovative, and practical packaging.
  • Katuju has an authentic taste that suits the tastes of people.
  • Buying Katuju products, it means you have a contribution to positive social impacts. Because we always use the local resource (used ingredients and the labors) and always have charity activity besides profit activity.

 Katuju Indonesia Products

Rendang as spicy flavored cuisine can be made by using meat, liver, lung or spleen from cow or buffalo. Other basic ingredients can be used to make rendang such as venison, antelope, goats or sheep meat. Many fishes and marine animals can also be made into rendang like tuna, merlin, cob, shrimp, octopus, squid and lokan or seashell. Some poultries can be used as raw materials for rendang, such as duck, turkey, quail. Even more, vegetative materials also can be used in making rendang, for example, jengkol,  jackfruit, potato, cassava, And also beans, in fact in a few years, there is rendang product made from ” heart of banana”. This vegetative rendang also has a delicious taste as other rendang products.

We provide several variants of Rendang:

  1. Rendang daging original (original beef)
  2. Rendang daging pedas (spicy beef)
  3. Rendang daging suwir ( Shredded beef)
  4. Rendang daging giling (Minced beef)
  5. Rendang tuna
  6. Rendang lokan (Freshwater shellfish)
  7. Rendang ayam kampung (Local chicken)
  8. Rendang paru (cow’s lungs)
  9. Rendang telur (Eeg)
  10. Rendang pakis (Fern)
  11. Rendang nangka (Jackfruit)
  12. Rendang jengkol
  13. Rendang ubi kayu (Cassava)


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